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Books - Drugs & The Public
Written by Norman Zinberg   

Writing a book on a subject as complex as drug use requires extraordinary cooperation from a vast number of persons. It is a subject that people like to expound upon but not talk about personally. Hence, the research for this book could not have been done without the kindness, compassion, and patience of almost 1,500 people.

All the contributors cannot be mentioned by name, but there are a few people whose particular devotion of time, energy, and intelligence should be noted, among them David Cavers and Maurice Rosenberg of the Walter F. Meyer Research Institute, Leslie Dunbar of the Field Foundation, and Mitchel Svirdoff of the Ford Foundation. Andrew Well's assistance was invaluable, and the research chapter in particular rests heavily on his work. Beryl Geber of the Social Psychology Department of the London School of Economics provided valuable assistance in procuring data from British students, apprentices, doctors, and police. Abram Chayes, Baroness Wootton, Hilda Himmelweit, Morag Rennie, Peter Beedle, E. H. Spear, Edward Kass, Matthew Siefert, C. R. B. Joyce, R. S. P. Weiner, Carolyn Coon, Simon Albury, Michael Scofield, John Kaplan, Mary Frances Robertson, and Dorothy Zinberg are among those whose special commitments to our efforts in England and in the United States enabled us to begin, continue, and finally publish this analysis of the drug issue.
In Jo Anne Austad and Miriam Winkeller, with remarkable skill, translated illegible scribbles into legible manuscript. But most particularly we want to acknowledge the assistance of Gemma Fenton, whose editorial skill enabled us to achieve whatever semblance of organization has been managed in this book.


Our valuable member Norman Zinberg has been with us since Sunday, 19 December 2010.

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