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Written by Patricia Erickson   
Friday, 02 January 1981 00:00


I would like to express my appreciation to a number of persons who have made contributions during the course of this study. From theonsetof the research, Reg Smartoffered useful direction and commentary. Jeff Ijeon, Bob Popham, Irv Rootman, Eric Single, and Robert Solomon gave constructive suFFestions on earlier versions of the manuscript.

Particular acknowledgment is due to Lorne Salutin, the senior research assistant for the project, who shared the interviewing with me and was a most diligent "detective" in the follow-up phase. Diverse tasks were ably carried out by Glenn Murray. Secretarial expertise was provided by Linda Cufone, Mary Duarte, and Jean Mitchell.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to Richard Fox, my first mentor in criminology. Our discussions regarding drug laws at an early stage of the project were an extension of much other generous and helpful support over past years.

Ninety-five persons must be thanked collectively and anonymously for their participation in the study. It would not have been possible without their willingness to share not only their experience of goinsg to court-but also many other intimate details of their lives.

At the final phase of publication, I was fortunate that the manuscript was in the capable hands of Barbara Rutledge. She devoted great care to the editing, and Donald Murray to the layout and design. The skill and experience of Sylvia Lambert is evident in the preparation of the Index.

Finally, my deepest thanks are extended to Cliff Ottaway, my husband, for being continuously supportive, my best listener, and my most astute critic.

The Addiction Research Foundation funded the undertaking of this inquiry and the data were collected during my employment there from 1973-1977.

For all of the above contributions I am grateful. The interpretations and conclusions, as well as any errors and omissions, however, are my own.

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