1.13 Scables, lice and fleas

They are small and harmless: fleas, scabies, pubicand head lice. Once someone is 'chosen as host', he or she can. expect enervating itchiness. Tip: Keep finger nails as short as possible. This way, the least damage is inflicted during the inevitable scratching.


The itch-mite is a spider-like insect of less than a millimetre. It digs tunnels under the skin. These tunnels, as well as the mite itself, can be seen with the naked eye.

How do you get scabies?

You only catch them through intimate contact, like lying cuddled up with someone else in the same warm bed.

How do you know that you have scabies?

The itch-mite deposits tiny eggs below the soft areas of the skin. After approxi mately three weeks, red, itchy spots show up mainly on arms, inner elbows and lower abdomen. Scabies never show up in the face or on the back. The itching is worst during the night.

How do you get rid of scabies?

By using insecticide (lindane or prioderm creme) and washing of clothes and bed linen. Airing is also possible but then at least for 24 hours.


There are two kinds: head and pubic lice. The eggs (nits) of the head louse are white, those of the pubic louse (or crab) are light brown. Head lice are approximately two millimetres long. Pubic lice are smaller and square shaped. Lice as well as nits can be seen with the naked eye.
How do you catch lice?

Lice are picked up more easily than scabies. They can already be contracted through brief skin contact but also by borrowing 'contaminated' clothes and towels.

How do you know that you have lice?

The precence of lice can be modified by small grains attached to the hair roots on the head, under the armpits and in the beard, as well as by red, itchy spots.

How do you get rid of lice

  Massage prioderm lotion into the hair and let it soak in for 12 hours. Then thoroughly comb the hair with a finetoothed comb and repeat this for several days. It is also important that everything is washed: towels, pillows and couch covers, etc.


Fleas are wingless, jumping bugs which, just like mosquitoes and lice, feed on blood.

How do you catch fleas?

Fleas are spread mainly through pets.

How do you know that you have fleas? 

A flea bite is painful and quickly starts to itch. Because fleas cannot fly, bites appear mostly around the ankles. They can be recognised by small red blotches on the skin.

How can you get rid of fleas?

By using insecticide.