common name: MBD

During World War Il, while the Red Baron was flying high on amphetamines provided by his Nazi superiors, British and American pilots were downing a mind-sharpener called pemoline, a drug that kept them alert during long missions.

Pemoline is a synthetic chemical that can provide mental stimulation without getting the central nervous system overly excited, as is the case with amphetamines. A dose of 20--50 mg, taken orally, gives the user a pleasant feeling of physical relaxation combined with a high degree of mental alertness and recall for six to twelve hours.

The drug is not addictive and produces no dangerous or annoying side effects, short of a possible case of insomnia if .   taken too close to bedtime.

Pemoline magnesium, harder to come by in the street market, is a mixture of pemoline and magnesium hydroxide. This drug has the same basic effect as pemoline but more acutely sharpens the memory of the user. Although Abbott Laboratories, manufacturer of the drug (sold under the name Cylert), steadfastly claims it has only one medical application, as an adjunct in managing children with hyperkinesis due to minimal brain dysfunction, current research indicates it may ultimately be used to increase memory efficiency in both young people and the senile by as much as 60 percent.