COMMON NAMES: ayahuasca, caapi, drug, jungle drug, natema, tiger drug, yale, yaks

Indians of Brazil and Colombia call it caapi; in Peru, Bolivia, and Amazonian Ecuador it is referred to as ayahuasea. Known as yage in the Andes and North America, it can he pronounced yak-HAY, YAH-hay, or Ya-hee.

Whatever one chooses to call it, claims made for the woody Banisterlopsis caapi vine are many.

Pleasure: Yage supposedly provides great relief from the hardship and strain of daily native life.

ESP: Some believe yage increases ESP ability and use the drug to preduct, future events (the most active alkaloid in this plant is harmine, once known as telepathine because of this phenomenon):

Aphrodisiac: Yage may act as a sexual stimulant. Hallucinogen: The drug can produce brilliant flashes of light in the mind, illusions of objects becoming larger or smaller, vivid hallucinations, and an exceptional ability to see well in the dark:

Yage is prepared by boiling fresh caapi bark in water. Natives often add' other psychoactive plants to the brew, such as datura (rich in belladonna alkaloids) or Banisteriopsis rusbyana (containing DMT), for an extra kick. - "

After it has been boiled for several hours, a cup of the strained native concoction will contain about 40(1 mg of harmal alkaloids. However, that is a "native' dose' and natives are used to this stuff. Experimenters should take no more than 100 mg. Those planning to try yage should be careful about dosage, as too much can be poisonous.

If gage tea is not your bag,. and fresh caapi is not available pure harmine can be snorted in the form of harmine hydrochloride. Since this drug can irritate the nose and throat for several days, users often place 50 mg under the tongue and between the lips and gums for easy absorption. Results almost instantaneous.

Yage should be taken on an empty stomach, for immediately after ingestion the user will vomit once he has gotten past that, the trip begins.

First sign is a slightly drunk feeling,   during which hallucinations may occur. Sleepiness, slurring, lack of coordination, and dizziness may accompany purple or blue light flashes, said to be common to the yap experience, As the user gets higher, he begins to hallucinate to an even greater degree, feeling a burst of psychic energy as well as sharpened night vision. Sexual senses heighten, but care is advised. Too much yage can turn the mind into a nightmare of visions accompanied by disturbing psychoactive feelings.

Pure 'harmine produces sensations and effects similar to those of mescaline, along with an inebriated buzz.

Under no circumstances should a novice ingest    more than - 250 mg of harmine. More can depress the central nervous system. Moreover, since harmine and related alkaloids are MAO inhibitors, combination with the wrong things can result in headache, heart trouble, or death. Keep away from tranquilizers, amphetamines, antihistamines, alcohol, avocados, ripe bananas, broad beans (pods), sedatives, mescaline, nutmeg, aged cheeses, any quantity of milk products, cocoa, narcotics, sauerkraut, ephedrine, macromerine, yeast extract, excessive caffeine, canned figs, chicken liver, excessive amounts of chocolate or licorice, pickled herring, and oils of dill, parsley, or wild fennel.