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Written by Alfred Mccoy   
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 00:00
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The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
Alfred W. McCoy with Cathleen B. Read and Leonard P.Adams II

© digitalized by drugtext foundation

Contents Glossary

Introduction: The Consequences of Complicity
Heroin: The History of a "Miracle Drug"

The Logistics of Heroin

1. Sicily: Home of the Mafia
Addiction in America: The Root of the Problem
The Mafia in America
The Mafia Restored Fighters for Democracy in World War II
Luciano Organizes the Postwar Heroin Trade
The Marseille Connection
Mapa de la Conquista de Sicilia (1943)

2. Marseille: America's Heroin Laboratory
From Underworld to Underground
Political Bedfellows The Socialist Party, the Guerinis, and the CIA
The Guerini-Francisci Vendetta
After the Fall
The Decline of the European Heroin Trade, and a Journey to the East

3. The Colonial Legacy: Opium for the Natives
The Royal Thai Opium Monopoly
Burma Sahibs in the Shan states
French Indochina The Friendly Neighborhood Opium Den
The Opium Crisis of 1939-1945
The Meo of Laos Politics of the Poppy
Opium in the Tai Country Denouement at Dien Bien Phu
Into the Postwar Era

4. Cold War Opium Boom
French Indochina Opium Espionage and "Operation X"
The Binh Xuyen
Order and Opium in Saigon
Secret War in Burma The KMT
Thailand's Opium The Fruits of Victory
Appendix Isn't it true that Communist China is the center of the international narcotics traffic? No

5. South Vietnam: Narcotics in the Nation's Service
The Politics of Heroin in South Vietnam
Tradition and Corruption in Southeast Asia
Diem's Dynasty and the Nhu Bandits
The New Opium Monopoly
The Thieu-Ky Rivalry
The GI Heroin Epidemic
South Vietnam Heroin Achieves Full Market Potential
The Opium Airlift Command
Thieu Takes Command
The Vietnamese Navy Up the Creek
The Vietnamese Army Marketing the Product
The Lower House Heroin Junkets
The Khiem Apparatus All in the Family
Tempest in a Teapot The Thieu-Khiem Squabble
The Mafia Comes to Asia
The Consequences of Complicity A Generation of Junkies

6. Hong Kong: Heir to the Heroin Traffic

7. The Golden Triangle Heroin Is Our Most Important Product
Laos Land of the Poppy
Corsican Aviation Pioneers "Air Opium," 1955-1965
Gen.Phoumi Nosavan "Fedalism is Still with US"
Secret War Secret Strategy in Laos
Long Pot Village Rendezvous with Air America
Gen. Ouane Rattikone The Vientiane Connection
The CIA in Northwest Laos Prelude to the 1967 Opium War
Gen. U Ba Thein Reaping the Whirlwind
The KMT in Thailand Guardian at the Northern Gate
Battle at Ban Khwan The Challenge of Chan Shee-Fu
Survival of the Fittest
The Shan Rebellion The Road to Chaos
Gen. Ouane Rattikone Winner Takes Something

8. What Can Be done?

Cure the Individual Addict

Destroy the Narcotics Syndicates

Eliminate Illicit Opium Production
1972 The Year of Decision

China The Historical Setting of Asia's Profitable Plague (by Leonard P. Adams II)

China Grows Her Own

The Tarnished Crusades


Notes: Introduction: The Consequences of Complicity

Notes 1 Sicily: Home of the Mafia

Notes 2 Marseille: America's Heroin Laboratory

Notes 3 The Colonial Legacy: Opium for the Natives

Notes 4 Cold War Opium Boom

Notes 5 South Vietnam: Narcotics in the Nation's Service

Notes 6 Hong Kong: Heir to the Heroin Traffic

Notes 7 The Golden Triangle: Heroin Is Our Most Important Product

Notes 8 What Can Be Done?

Notes 9 Appendix

Alfred W McCoy with Meo hill tribe soldiers in the opium-growing country of northern Laos during his investigations in August 1971

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