Control Over Intoxicant Use
Pharmacological, Psychological and Social Considerations

Edited by
Norman E. Zinberg, M.D.
Wayne M. Harding, Ed.M.

List of Table and Figures

1. Introduction?
Control and Intoxicant Use:
A Theoretical and Practical Overview
Norman E Zinberg and Wayne M. Harding

2. Measuring How People Control the Amounts of Substances They Use
Robert Apsler

3. Informal Social Controls and Their Influence on Substance Use
Judith Rodin

4. Indulgence, Excess, and Restraint: Perspectives on Consummatory Behavior in Everyday Life
C. Peter Herman and Lynn T Kozlowski

5. Psychopathology in Drug Dependent Individuals: A Clinical Review
Gerald J McKenna

6. On the Evaluation of Treatments for Narcotics Addiction
Vincent P. Dole and Burton Singer

7. Social and Political Sources of Drug Effects: The Case of Bad Trips on Psychedelics
Richard Bunce

8. Drug Emergencies in Crowds: An Analysis of "Rock Medicine," 1973-1979
John Newmeyer and Gregory Johnson

9. Speculations on the Nature and Pattern of Opium Smoking
John C Kramer

10. Growth of Substance Use and Misuse: Some Speculations and Data
Leon Gibson Hum

11. Practical Problems of Heroin Maintenance
John Kaplan

12. Natural Recovery from Heroin Addiction: A Review of the Incidence Literature
Dan Waldorf and Patrick Biernacki

13. Limiting Supplies of Drugs to Illicit Markets
Mark H. Moore